Monday, October 31, 2011

The Current State of Racism in America

Racism really isn't about skin color any more. The only thing that holds you back in this world is the size of your bank account.  I've been trying to explain this to black people of past generations who went through racism, but it's hard for them to change their way of thinking. Racism today is more about hurt feeling than lost opportunities. I personally haven't experience racism in my life. The more time that passes the less it will be an issue my kids' kids will probably only read about racism in history books. People are getting more and more connected every day.  It will be hard for ignorant stereotypes to persist.  Racism is a factor today when it comes to politics.  What I mean is that subconsciously people will make choices influenced by racist ways of thinking without even knowing it.  For example, how republicans have clung to Herman Cain.  I think a lot of his appeal comes from the fact that he is black.  They think he has a good chance of winning because he is black.  Just like how they loved Pailin cause she was a woman.   But they forget that he is absolutely crazy when it comes to substance and could never win a general election, as demonstrated by Palin.   

The bottom line is, yes, racism still exists and will always exist to some extent as long as people have differences to think about.  But its effect on people's individual lives will lessen to almost nothing over time.  And in its current state it is in my view no more than a nuisance that will only effect you if you let it.

Disclaimer:  These statements do not apply if you live in MIssissippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama,or Georgia

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