Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Case

            On the day after the state of Florida v George Zimmerman there are many thoughts swirling in my head.  Some are of frustration.  Some are of not being surprised at all.  Other thoughts go to what can be done if anything to change our country into a place where killing an unarmed person of any ethnicity would warrant some sort of punishment no mater who you are.  People on one side are saying the most ridiculous things.  People are focusing on the small incident that occurred in Oakland California and claiming, "black people are rioting".  No a few idiots broke some windows and set some fires in the streets black people are very much not rioting.
            While the few instances of "rioting" are counter productive and only hurt those involved,  (Meanwhile the news this morning was that there were no riots, which in its self is ridiculous.  You shouldn't have a negative be the story.) To me it is understandable why people would become angry enough to want to or actually riot.  The fact is that race is still an issue in this country.  You can cherry pick facts about white slaves and the selling of Africans by Africans to diminish the legacy of slavery in this country, but at the end of the day the vast majority of slaves in the slave trade in the last 150 or so years of slavery were free Africans taken against their will by white slavers.  Did you know that there were free black people that owned white slaves until they passed laws against blacks owning white slaves? But that just doesn't matter because it was such a small minority of cases. 
            People like to act like slavery is ancient history but if you really stop and think about it there are people still alive today who's grandparents knew people who either were slaves or that owed slaves.  My father was born in 1929.  His grandfather was born just before the turn of the century. Now does anyone honestly think he didn't know anyone who was a slave in their past or who had been a young child during slavery?  And my father would only be in his mid 80's if he were still alive today.  Slavery definitely still affects the psyche of black and white Americans.  What a lot of white people don't understand when they say things like "black people are the most racist" or "Playing the race card at every turn simply sets race issues back years and decades" is that their prospective is from the position of a person who is not being actively discriminated against.  How many white people have been pulled over in their car and told that their car was reported stolen? (It was not by the way it was mine.) How many white people have been pulled over by a cop while driving with a light skinned black girl and when the cop gets to the door says, "Oh you're not white" and lets you go?  How about walking into an establishment and asking for a job application and as the person at the front desk is looking for the application in the desk the manager comes out of a back room and shakes her head no while cutting her throat with her hand.  After which the person at the front desk says, "Sorry we aren't giving out applications right now".  These are actually experiences. It's hard not to pull the race cards in situations where it's the only card in the deck. The most important question I have for white people is how often do you think about your race on a daily basis.  My guess would be approximately 0.00001 times on average.  If you ask a black person this same question the answer will usually be, "All the time".  As a black American you are constantly reminded of your blackness and differentness by the media, white people (even if they don't know they are doing it) and to some extent by other black people. 
            Some people say, "To paint with a broad brush that the system never seems to work out for black folks, is simply not right." I say the statistics speak for themselves on that matter.  It's just a fact that black men, in particular, are convicted and charged with harsher sentences than their white counterparts for the same offenses in a statistically significant manner.  Which is to say more than just by chance.  The police's bias against Trevon was evident in the case.  They believed from the beginning that Zimmerman was completely justified and that this young black man had to be at fault.  This is why they did a toxicology report on the victim and not on the shooter.  How backwards is that?  They see a dead black kid and immediately test him for drugs.  And yes I know they found trace amounts of THC in his blood.  Does that justify his death? No.  I would say it is completely irrelevant to this case accept to say that if he was smoking marijuana he would be less likely to be aggressive.  If Zimmerman was a black male and Trayvon was still who he was, a black male, there is almost a zero percent chance that he would have been able to walk freely around the police department on the night of the shooting let alone be set free with out a trial or bail.
            I live in San Diego currently and these kinds of issues are not very prevalent here. It is a very young city demographically and the amount of racism I face here, in my perception if negligible, and I ignore racism in my personal life as much as I can anyway because most racism that I face now would only boil down to hurt feelings and the people who are perpetrating said racism have no power over my life in any way so they can be safely ignored. However all of America is not equal, in the South racism is open and frequent and is perpetrated by people who have some degree of power over the person that is on the receiving end. 
            The reason people are upset with this verdict is because it is yet another example of how the life of a black youth is worthless in this country.  Trayvon was making his way home from the convenience store and some random guy who was NOT a police officer started to follow him and then confronted him after being told not to.  What would you have done if you were Trayvon?   Does he not have the right to defend himself or does that right only extend to Zimmerman?  I honestly believe that if Zimmerman had not had the gun he would not have followed Trayvon let alone confront him, and if he did Trayvon would not have killed him.  Worst-case scenario one of them would have been beaten up.  For self-defense you have to meet force with force you have to believe your life is in danger.  Trayvon was unarmed.   I'm sorry but sidewalks don't count as being armed.  For those of you that might have missed it defense attorney Mark O'Mara actually argued in court that Trayvon Martin was armed. He was armed with the sidewalk.  He said this while holding a slab of concrete.  This is a horrible precedent to set.  By this logic every person on earth is always armed with a deadly weapon because there is always something around to bang someone's head on or because they have arms and legs. 
            I also think that these prosecutors did a very poor job with this case.  The defense was allowed to have their defendant testify NOT under oath and without a cross examination by having the videotaped statement to police at the crime scene entered into evidence and their client not take the stand.  The jury should have never seen this video.  They weren't even able to adequately point out all of the inconsistencies with this story.  They were able to enter into evidence a computer generated animation showing the defenses side of the story.  The jury should have never seen that either because once you see a series of events you internalize it and will lean towards that series of events even when there is no evidence that it happened the way it happened in the animation.  The only evidence is Zimmerman's word against a dead Trayvon's word. 
            I will say I'm not surprised about the out come. I was just hoping that it would be different.  I didn't think that seconded degree murder was an appropriate charge.  I think manslaughter would have been a more appropriate charge and if he was found guilty of that he would have gone to prison for 20-25 years with the maximum for that charge being 30 years.  I'm pretty sure the prosecution went with second-degree murder in fear of the public response of manslaughter isn't enough.  Manslaughter would have been easier to prove because the burden of proof wouldn't have been so high.  They wouldn't have had to prove ill intent.  It is always hard to prove what someone is thinking.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt about that.  I don't know if he went out to kill this kid.  But what I do think is he bit off more than he could chew by confronting someone that had the right to defend himself just as much as anyone else does, and the only way he could think to get out of the situation was to shoot his way out.  They should have just fought it out and "lived to fight another day" as the saying goes. 
  I end with a thought:

 Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where Zimmerman instead of confronting Trayvon with suspicion gave him a ride home to get him out of the rain?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its been a long time since I've put anything on this blog, but today is a very important day.  As I walk out the door to vote today I will reflect on the last four years and know that my vote to re-elect Barack Obama will be the right one.  Not because Romney is quite possible one of the worst candidates I have ever seen in my lifetime of 30 years, but because Barack Obama has a record that I can be proud of that our nation can be proud of and that the world admires.  From Lilly Ledbetter to the repeal of don't ask don't tell this president has moved this country forward in a direction that I can not only be happy with but a direction that I can see leading to a better America for all of it's citizens.

So to day I want everyone to really think about what these two men are all about when you cast your vote, and of course no mater what your political ideology EVERYONE SHOULD GET OUT AND VOTE!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We the People Petition

I created a petition to let people anti-sign the petitions on the site so that there will be a more accurate view of what people think.   That is to say if a particular bad issue has 25,000 signatures it may seem like it has a lot of support if there is no anti-sign measure.   What if there was an anti-sign option?  This same bad idea from this petition would still get its 25,000 supporters, but in addition to that it would also get 50,000 anti-signs.  This would bring the effective signatures to -25,000 giving a much different view of that issue by the American people.  So, please help me make this site more efficient in telling the white house what Americans really think.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What Happened To Herman Cain's Campaign?

This image is representative of Herman Cain's campaign.  His handling of his campaign, if it was serious, was analogous to performing a pommel horse routine without using your hands.  His evident lack of basic campaign knowledge, foreign and domestic policy, or plain substance was doomed to failure from the beginning.  I hope you enjoyed for 15 minutes in the front runner slot Mr. Cain.  It was fun for all of us.  And I am sure all of the comedians will miss you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take the Money Out of Politics

Dylan Ratigan has got it right.  This is something I have been saying it for years. Our corporate money infused government has to be changed.  The power needs to be returned to the people where it belongs.  We need to take the power to decide elections away from the wealthy 1%

Everyone should go to the link below and sign the petition to remove money from our election process and to separate business from government.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Herman Effect

Herman is in a lot of trouble.  I wonder when he's gonna let the rest of the country in on the joke.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pokemon... Really??? OK, I Have Decided.

OK, earlier I stated that Herman Cain is a joke and he is only running to boost his book sales.  I have now decided that Herman cain is the newest version of Steven Colbert.  It is so obvious that he has been punking us all along.  At this point I'm just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind the podium at one of the debates and start screaming "I'M AWESOME!!!" as he runs around the stage.  Maybe He's waiting until the inauguration.  He has been giving us clues along, and when I found out about him quoting the Pokemon Movie theme song as a "great poet" that was just the last straw.  That was too perfect of a joke to just be a gaff.  It was totally deliberate.  Instances like that and the fact that he refuses to do all the regular campaign setups in the traditional states lets me know that he is 100% not serious.  So now knowing what I do I have a different appreciation for Herman Cain.  It takes a lot of guts to punk an entire nation.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Recent Exchange In the Youtube Comment Section

Recently I found this video and I thought at first that it was a real video.  After watching it I realized I had been tricked.  It is a slam ad against Obama.  That’s all well and good, I expect people to put up misleading ads.  I made some comments and this is what ensued.  So far it is a good discourse.  Lets see where it goes.

This whole ad is garbage. It's misleading and skews actual facts to look worse than they are while putting other misleading images that make you think things that are not true. Obama's first term is not over, and he has taken far far far less vacations than Bush did this far into his first term. I can't wait to vote for the only competent leader in the race, BARACK OBAMA.


@NOSERPICOINUTAH That's great you are allowed to love it and I am allowed to dislike it. I have never done a single drug or smoked anything ever in my life and never have been drunk so... I actually spend most of my time thinking. I spend time thinking about politics, religion, general philosophy, marine biology, quantum and astro-physics, the principles of logic just to name a few. One thing I don’t do is randomly and anonymously insult random people on the internet for expressing their opinion


@NOSERPICOINUTAH That's a good point. I thought about that and maybe it was a little vitriolic. I wrote the comment directly after watching the video and was more emotion driven at the beginning of the comment then towards the end. It was a poor choice of words indeed. But it is irrelevant to what I said. I was not insulting anyone. I was simply stating my disapproval for the content in the video not the video maker. I know nothing of the person who made this video and wish them no ill will.

@NOSERPICOINUTAH Oh and I am not Muslim. I have nothing against them, but I was raised Presbyterian, and currently would descried my self as agnostic. Christianity never made much sense to me. Even when I was young there were to many contradictions in the message. As I grew older and started to learn the history of the church and how it formed and kept its power all these years I had to leave. I do believe in God just not in the way that Christians do. P.S. I like that little bit about dan.

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved...

@NOSERPICOINUTAH Yes and the Earth will end in about 5 billion years when it is engulfed by the sun. The only reason it seems like there are more earthquakes is because we have more technology to detect earthquakes. There are hundreds of earthquakes every day all around the globe and it has always been that way. We live on a relatively volatile planet. I don't accept the bible as the word of God. I do however read it regularly. I also read the Babylonian, Greek, Indian, and Egyptian texts.

@NOSERPICOINUTAH Also, there are always wars and rumors of war. We have been in end times for the past two centuries. I do think something will happen in 2012. When the solar maximum occurs our electrical grid will most likely be knock out and there will be chaos. Thats what I think anyway. It has nothing to do with God. It happened before in the 1800s. But the only tech around was telegraph poles and wires. They were knocked out and had to be fixed. Now we have more to lose than telegraph

@Dannosuke25- READ __________2 Peter 3:3-6
King James Version (KJV) 3-Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4-And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.......FULFILLED AGAIN BY YOU!!-MANY ARE SCOFFERS IN THESE END DAYS ...THE DAYS WHEN MEN ARE AS EVIL AS THEY WERE IN NOAH'S DAY....WA­KE UP....JESUS SON OF GOD COMES SOON.....

@NOSERPICOINUTAH By the way, believe what ever you want. I'm not trying to change your mind. I'm just telling you where I come from. Have a good one.

@NOSERPICOINUTAH I don't agree with everything Obama has done. I also don't agree with lying about what he has done. So, I will call it out when I see it on both sides. I don't agree with lying about republicans as well. People are so vehemently and viscerally opposed to Obama. Most people don’t even need a reason to be against him. The only good reasons I ever hear come from the progressive side of the argument.


Wow... This is where this guy completely lost me.  This is completely unintelligible psycobable.  He is getting all of his info all mixed up.  I don't know what this guy actually believes.  Oh well, I'm done engaging him.

Well Moron, just go and look at all the Socialist Programs that your Socialist Buddy Hitler gave to his People!!!!!
Whats wrong, are you afraid of the Truth?????

@Osambasucks2 So you hate Hitler because he built highways and gave social benefits to the in his eyes " deserving few?" . Man I dumb. How couldn't I have seen that. Building railways and granting healthcare to the people is what made Hitler so despicable. Apparently I always was wrong about thinking that killing millions of innocents and promoting social darwinism is what made him evil. I'm so grateful that you finally explained to me that social benefits are more evil than mass genocide :D!

See you truly are an Ignorant Britt Twit!
I was just stating a Fact that Hitler & the Nazis are Socialists!!!!!
And all you Little Ignorant Morons all want your Sh#@ty Socialism that doesn't work!
Just Look at Greece and the USSR, they are both in trouble from all their Failed Socialist Programs!!!!
Wake Up you Blind Moron and get the facts, not your Socialist Censored Lies!!!!!

@Osambasucks2 It really is fun to hear everyone here and there fallacious argument styles. The most common one I see is the Ad Hominem approach of attacking the person instead of the merits of their argument. Why Must people insult each other just because they disagree? It must have to do with the anonymous nature of youtube comment sections. If someone really wants to know why people can't get along all they have to do is come read some youtube comments and it will all be made clear.

@Osambasucks2 As to what you said, pure socialism is bad. On that same note, pure capitalism is bad as well. Any argument has two extreme positions. The most reasonable answer usually lies somewhere near the middle. I am for a regulated free market that doesn't allow selfish human nature the ability to game the system in anyones favor. Because right now we do not have a free market, which is why the wealth gap in this country has become a canyon. We now have the largest wealth gap in the world.  

@Osambasucks2 This is when we are compared to other industrialized nations. I suppose you would be for privatizing police and firefighters since they are socialist programs. Also abolishing public schools is most likely something you want to do. Do you want to pay a corporation every time you leave your home just to drive to work on the roads that they maintain? The best form of government is what we have a representative democracy with both capitalist and socialist practices. 

@Osambasucks2 The biggest problem isn't any one president because when its all said in done the president really has no power over domestic affairs. It's the congress that is to blame for the majority of our problems today. Through our moneyed election process they have become beholden to their donors and not their constituents like they are supposed to. The solution we need is to take the money out of elections and give the power back to the people where it belongs. PS I think Obama is all right.

Oh but the Biggest Problem is this one Lying Marxist Muslim Piece of Pig Sh%t, Insane Hussein Osamba!!!!
And the Progressive Socialists Dumocraps In Congress won't do what the People want!!!!!
And the Lying Marxist Dictator is suppose to Lead & Protect Our Constitution, not Sh%t on it Daily!!!!
Well then you can Pay back the 4.5 Trillion that Osamba has already Pissed away!!!!
Yep we were the Best in the World until the Progressive Socialist Dumocraps Taxed the Sh%t out of all the Factories, so they just left the USA!!!!
And all those Failing Socialist Programs are the Problem that we face today!
It is happening all around the World, all your Sh%@ty Socialist Programs are Killing every Country!!!!!

@Osambasucks2 Could you give me some evidence that Obama is Muslim or Marxist or pig sh%t? and not just because you think so. Taxes are at historical lows. Obama cut taxes. Jobs went over seas because they can find workers there that they can pay dollars a day instead of dollars an hour not because of taxes that is just a red herring. It's not the social programs killing those nations. It's the banking industry that ruined Greece's economy.

Come on now Kid, you live here in the USA and you don't know the Facts????
Wake up and Read some real Facts about the Lying Marxist Muslim Piece of Pig Shit, Insane Hussein Osamba!!!!!
Taxes are at an Historical High you Ignorant moron!!!! In the last 15 years my Taxes have tripled, but then you are just a Little Ignorant Kiddie Wacking off in his Mommy's Basement!!
Moron 2/3's of the National Budget is your Socialist Programs Ass Hole!
Wow are you a Brain Washed Little Kiddie!

@Osambasucks2 Wow, it is really hard to have a debate here. One should give their argument, if its good thats all you need. Insults are just a distraction. I don't believe that your taxes have tripled. The base income rate is 10% after the rest of the taxes it would be about 15-17%. If that tripled that would be astronomical. That's assuming that you are in the lowest tax bracket. If you're in the next bracket your taxes would be about 24% all together. Triple would be 75%

@Osambasucks2 Are you saying that 15 years ago that taxes were lower. You're leaving something out. Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton all raised taxes. So how would it be higher now when the second Bush and obama both lowered taxes. The reason we are where we are is because of the recession mostly, but also because of tax cuts, wars, deregulation of the banks, and rising health care cost due to our over medicated unhealthy population. Not necessarily in that order.

Uhhhh Duh, I know that 15 years ago the Taxes were 3 times lower!!!!!
I have been paying Taxes Longer than you have been Born!!!!
Hell they use to stop Taxing me for my SSI in May of each year! Now it is all Fucking Year!!!!
Well Sonny all the Taxes on everything has gone up, so you best go and get the Facts, not your Socialist Censored Liberal Lies!!!!

@Osambasucks2 Also, calling people kids, morons, and a##holes only diminishes some of your legitimate points. I do know that about 60% of our federal budget is made up of Social security, medicare, and discretional spending. Medicare and social security together is about 40 percent of the budget and about 40% of the revenue brought in through taxes. The question I have is "what should goverment do?" Of course the majority of our budget is social programs. The military is a social program.

Well when you have a bunch a Brain Washed little Kiddies that don't know their Heads from their Stupid Asses that is what we need to call them!!!!
The Military is not a Socialist Program, they are there to Protect the People and that is what our Government was made to do! Our Government is not suppose to Support the People, People are suppose to take care of them Selves!!!!

And you are Wrong you Brain Washed Ignorant little Kiddie, it was the Failed Socialist Programs that Killed Greece!!!!
Over 54% of the People Worked for the Government!
People Retired at 55!!!!!
So all the Money was going to the Government, but none was being made by Business you Stupid Little Ignorant Socialist Kiddie!!!!
Wake Up and get the facts, not your Socialist Censored Liberal Bullshit Lies Moron!!!!

@Osambasucks2 Yeah I agree they had other problems as well. They also had a lot of mismanagement in their government. Ido not dispute that their social programs failed. I knew everything you stated, but people are always so quick to point out the failures, and always ignore the successes. Germany, Australia, France and Canada all are doing just fine while using these socialist programs. My point is capitalism is not the answer and socialism is not the answer. It's a combination of the two.

Well I guess that you had missed that Americas Capitalism had Saved the World and that is what made America So Great!!!
And that our Shitty Socialist Programs are Killing this Country and thwe World!!!!
The Facts are all there but yet all these Blind Morons just can't seem to see just how Socialism Kills the World!!!!

@Osambasucks2 The biggest problem isn't any one president because when its all said in done the president really has no power of domestic affairs. It's the congress that is to blame for the majority of our problems today. Through our moneyed election process they have become beholden to their donors and not their constituents like they are supposed to. The solution we need is to take the money out of elections and give the power back to the people where it belongs. PS I think Obama is all right.

Oh but the Biggest Problem is this one Lying Marxist Muslim Piece of Pig Shit, Insane Hussein Osamba!!!!
And the Progressive Socialists Dumocraps In Congress won't do what the People want!!!!!
And the Lying Marxist Dictator is suppose to Lead & Protect Our Constitution, not Shit on it Daily!!!!
Well then you can Pay back the 4.5 Trillion that Osamba has already Pissed away!!!!

@Osambasucks2 Why all the blind vitriol? You said earlier that you are a Supplemental Security Income recipient, and you are upset because your taxed on that income. But given your views shouldn't you be mad that you get them at all? That is a purely social program that isn't funded by Social Security. The funds for that program come from general funds so you are directly being taken care of by other tax payers money what would happen to you if you lost that money? Do you even need it?

I'm going to end this here.  If you want to see the rest you can see it under the video on youtube.  These guys have no interest in a real debate and I know that when I start, but it was fun to try to get one.  It almost seemed like it was about to turn into one but then it just devolved into insults and nonsense.  

That is the nature of Youtube.  Its where you see the true nature of humanity.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Current State of Racism in America

Racism really isn't about skin color any more. The only thing that holds you back in this world is the size of your bank account.  I've been trying to explain this to black people of past generations who went through racism, but it's hard for them to change their way of thinking. Racism today is more about hurt feeling than lost opportunities. I personally haven't experience racism in my life. The more time that passes the less it will be an issue my kids' kids will probably only read about racism in history books. People are getting more and more connected every day.  It will be hard for ignorant stereotypes to persist.  Racism is a factor today when it comes to politics.  What I mean is that subconsciously people will make choices influenced by racist ways of thinking without even knowing it.  For example, how republicans have clung to Herman Cain.  I think a lot of his appeal comes from the fact that he is black.  They think he has a good chance of winning because he is black.  Just like how they loved Pailin cause she was a woman.   But they forget that he is absolutely crazy when it comes to substance and could never win a general election, as demonstrated by Palin.   

The bottom line is, yes, racism still exists and will always exist to some extent as long as people have differences to think about.  But its effect on people's individual lives will lessen to almost nothing over time.  And in its current state it is in my view no more than a nuisance that will only effect you if you let it.

Disclaimer:  These statements do not apply if you live in MIssissippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama,or Georgia

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes We Cain? Hell no we Cain't!

Herman Cain is a joke.  His uncanny ability to blindly react to whatever the crowds at the debates reveal as favorable has skyrocketed him to the top of the short list of republican candidates.  But, as I have expressed before he is not now or ever has been a serious candidate.  He is simply trying to raise his stature and speaking fees. 

Herman Cain has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency.   Even if he wins the primary, which
he has a very slim chance of winning, he would be completely humiliated by President Obama in a debate and crushed in a national election.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Asteroid to Pass close by Earth on November 8th

"NASA scientists will be tracking asteroid 2005 YU55  at Goldstone, Calif., as the space rock safely flies past Earth slightly closer than the moon's orbit on Nov. 8. Scientists are treating the flyby of the 1,300-foot-wide (400-meter) asteroid as a science target of opportunity - allowing instruments on "spacecraft Earth" to scan it during the close pass." (

This is so amazing to me.  The asteroid is projected to pass through the orbit of the moon.  That may sound close, but rest assured that the asteroid is small enough that there will be no observable gravitational effects on the earth.  NASA is planning to do a full array of tests so that they can get an accurate image of the asteroid surface.  The next time there will be a flyby of this size wont be until 2028 .  So, this isn't your average everyday occurrence.     

This is a simulation of what will happen on the 8th.(image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Butt People" or "But People" You Be the Judge

I didn't like Rev. Al Sharpton for a long time.  I just felt that he was an opportunistic race baiter, but now that I see him in a new context other than a racial issue he is easer to handle.  I actually like watching his new show "Politics Nation".  The only thing that bothers me is how bad he is when he has to read from the teleprompter.  When he is talking to a guest off prompter he does just fine.  Its when he is scripted that we receive gems like the one above.  He seems so awkward and forced.  I wish you the best of luck Rev. Sharpton.  I hope you get better at scripted television.  Reading the newspaper out loud is good practice.